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As is damaged; and the thyroiditis where the thyroid gland may be involved. viagra samples In these auto immune conditions, antibodies circulating in the blood develop in the tissue or organ which is being attacked. In dilated cardiomyopathy, antibodies against the heart are found in approximately 30% of patients and in a similar proportion of the asymptomatic relatives. viagra cost This and other evidence suggests that an auto immune component may play an important part in the development and progression of dilated cardiomyopathy. is 25mg viagra enough The significance of the cardiac antibody in asymptomatic first degree relatives is under study; in other conditions (diabetes) the presence of the antibody in asymptomatic relatives identifies those at risk of developing the condition.   genetics recently it has become apparent that dilated cardiomyopathy is familial in at least 20% of cases. viagra price europe Evaluation, however, of the family has potential to clarify the genetic contribution to the development of the condition within individual families. buy viagra online with mastercard   other aspects excessive alcohol consumption has a depressant effect on the heart muscle and can exacerbate an underlying cardiomyopathy. Abstinence from further alcohol prevents further damage to the heart muscle and often allows the heart to recover. viagra without a doctor prescription   pregnancy there is a form of dilated cardiomyopathy which develops during late pregnancy and in the period shortly following childbirth. The cause is uncertain, but it is believed that the additional demand of pregnancy on the heart may be a triggering factor in the development of the condition.   symptoms symptoms will depend on the stage and evolution of the condition. is 25mg viagra enough Shortness of breath – this is a common symptom which becomes worse with exertion. viagra online without prescription It is caused by the build-up of fluid and elevated pressure in the lungs. When severe, there may be marked breathlessness, even at rest. Lack of energy – if the cardiac output is low and the body is not able to get enough blood, the muscles are unable to contract normally and easily become tired. viagra canada online Ankle swelling – when the right side of the heart fails to expel the blood it receives, the fluid builds up in the body tissues. This is called oedema and usually presents initially in the ankles. generic viagra online Chest pain – this may occur at rest or during exercise. Though the cause of the pain is usually not clear, it is important to emphasise that the pain is not due to coronary artery disease (coronary arteries are normal in dilated cardiomyopathy) and that the pain does not cause damage to the heart. Arrhythmias – arrhythmias are a common complication. The heart can either beat too rapidly (tachycardia) or too slowly (brad. is 25mg viagra enough Mot de passe
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